Sometimes You Just Have to Endorse the Effort and Not the Outcome

I am a highly energetic individual with a passion for challenge.  I love the unknown! I am addicted to the overcoming the impossible!  My favorite phrase has always been “live dead or die living”, and I choose to “die living”.  I honestly have no idea where that came from I am sure it’s not original, so if you are the owner of this phrase accept my apologies.  I own my life and choose the direction which it goes.  As a database administrator we learn it’s not about the backup, it’s about the recovery.  This is very true with life in general.  How do we recover from our setbacks? It doesn’t matter how glorious of a reason for the setback, what matters is that we recover and get back on track.  We all have a sad story, that’s what HR departments are for, and I work hard to stay clear of that department!

I remember in my mid-twenties I was a single mom working as an accounting clerk for a law firm. The law firm had been very good to me, but I couldn’t help thinking, there must be something more.  So I worked at night slinging pizza, saved up my money to go to nursing school.  I actually made it through the entire program, passed my boards only to discover nursing wasn’t for me.  So back to school I went.  I received my B.S. in Computer Science and began my journey in the IT field.  I have had many challenging situations along the way, which have contributed with development of my success.  My obsession with technology enables me to take a positive approach for every project I am engaged with, regardless of the misery I may experience along the way.  No matter what the situation is, I will always learn something, even if it’s only  “I’ll NEVER DO THAT AGAIN”!